I love helping people tell their story via all media platforms.

My mission is to help individuals and organisations communicate their personal and professional experience through a variety of media outlets.

Hello, I am Dora!

But you already know this after clicking on my selfish web-address. Believe it or not, this website is not about me. It’s about helping you communicate your message through traditional and online media, utilising my skills and social media strategies.

Last September I moved from Athens to London in pursue of a Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism at University of Westminster. The course provided me with a broad set of skills ranging from TV and Radio documentary production, to running a blog under a wider social prism, following up with stories and coming up with engaging copywriting and original multimedia content for all media platforms.

Sticking too many fingers in the pie was never an issue, so along with my studies I embarked on my professional journey one rain drop at a time. So far I have a bunch of exciting adventures to share that include Chinese students, fire alarms and a book launch!

I am in search of a creative opportunity that will challenge me to emerge as a young professional and that will contribute significantly to my personal journey as an individual in London.